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Friday, December 13th, 2002
12:18 pm
Bob reckoned, "Vachel Enfield!"

From the incorrectness of war came the Roneo poetry. Newspapers, from the beginning of Lindsay's grammar memory.

As he sat, reeking in a hospital duplicator, by and by Bob began the belly writing of the controversial school tearing up a stew. His was stored in 1956, rearranging Gysin bitterness petty laugh poetry. The first poem was typically forced into starving the obliged. He gave it first to them.

Are you the chronologies, too?

At first, the real "The" Bob Lindsay was a main objector to him whose instrument was into heralded scissors. It might mock 11 sparks of Congo, but could the sonorous might objector work access into the cutting of poems for our expectations? The godawful came to recite political savagery during his lines, that some of this avant gods stuff might come from a visual "out" invention, during his years absence.

The guard, hearing the plate break in the hospital, battered Bob into an earlier induced supervising lather.
Friday, September 20th, 2002
10:13 am
Its hybridity was made into a science... its predecessors suffered from a fusionoid tendency towards sounding overly frantic and a bit ponderous... signal analysis and processing software mapped the spectral information... "a precise vision of perpetually transcendental pre-modern man running naked through fields"... it's a ballet of the strange creatures that live at the bottom of the sea... some of their pieces dissipate before they have a chance to gather much presence... an invocation of the timeless in the midst of contemporary despair... their seething flutters, rumbles, flickers and groans cohere into scrupulously proportioned sound fields...

I listened to it on headphones and simultaneously recorded my heartbeat and skin response...
Saturday, September 14th, 2002
9:58 am
it was something I always knew could happen so it wasn't out of the blue but I was never expecting it he said SUPERIOR EQUIPMENT FOR SUPERIOR RESULTS one wheel on the van climbed the curb of the narrow bridge before the van plummeted into the water OF COURSE YOU DESERVE TO HAVE IT ALL searchers spotted the wreckage at dusk wednesday floating about 25 miles southeast of puerto rico MORE STYLES MORE COLORS AND IMPOSSIBLE PRICES she was crying when she asked detectives why it hadn't killed her BUY DIRECT AT WHOLESALE PRICES they're just the top predator in the sea and they'll eat anything they want to he said ACT NOW AND GET 4 FREE MONTHS OF OUR BEST PROGRAMMING if they are threatening if they attack we will certainly be there to defend ourselves DOUBLE YOUR MONEY LOW PRICE GUARANTEE mobilization time could be as short as three weeks for small troup deployment COME ON AND TAKE A FREE RIDE ON ALL 2002 MODELS he said the may attack has left him both emotionally and physically scarred

"I Am So Happy!"
Saturday, August 24th, 2002
12:00 pm
But during the sweats, THEY that touched in the 1985 hospital said that that one who gave the information would destroy to serve.

To the capacity of the hospital, with THEY in the difficult situations, "in the end, THEY would not see it anymore as the confidential agency in a place, where THEY can come and know it in certainty."

THEY, who are known already, the tests of the pregnancy in the hospital that does not give form to eliminations, are under 70 percent of 100 typical ones in the month.

JUNE, Executivdirektor of bigger Iowa, gives citations to cite "a terrible attack with the direction of a new people of localization," if the force of the policies pushed THEY in the front of the family.

"The peoples who are the exterior external part depend on it particularly." Thus, THEY did not speak about the unjoined pregnancy of JUNE, with the inoperative baby removed in the county that prepares the way for THEY.

The representatives of the movement of THEY are the head of the force of the policies, who had a number too small to put in accordance with the fire. THEY looked up the names of the women who could have had that to give to the light.

With the end of JUNE other hospitals and the local hospital she delivered at gave US the information.

The movement of the head of the force of the policies said tuesday that the employee of civil rights re-examined also the "information that is of the public in the general attack: I knew that in one instance, dismemberment was brought, and was not now THEY and where THEY drinks."

' ' ' is, however.

The authorities are stumped.
11:54 am
Scoop ice cream balls and store in the freezer in preparation for basketball
players who must be athletes who are always quoting an old adage that
asserts too much resting can be the same as revenge, cookies, and pies when
all else is up in the air because it can be a gaudily gift-wrapped sleeping
elephant seal which resembles a collection of fat brown once-wealthy ladies
who went broke and proceeded to make a big jerk of clockmakers organizing
midnight flamingos flights upward into the continent's sparsely settled velvet
ribbonlets of sunny yellow egg noodles, gleaming with memories, which are my
life, and which were always with me in the way matter and energy are not
arranged randomly, even though there was no one to greet them.
Saturday, August 17th, 2002
10:41 am
The statistics are no surprise to food bank workers, who say the combination
of rural isolation and the high cost of living are big factors. A voice in
the smoke said, "Follow me," and they did. A huge chemical industry complex
about 70 miles to the north came under threat. There is still some hope for
those who have their homes intact. He was sentenced to seven years in prison
in a case that drew the attention of international human rights groups. All
had been charged with allowing men under their command to commit atrocities,
which included rape, murder and driving hundreds of thousands of people from
their homes. "Our actions will be transparent, and all our cards will be on
the table," the president said. But descendents of Spanish settlers still
dominate politics.
Sunday, July 28th, 2002
1:10 pm
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Saturday, July 27th, 2002
11:52 am
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:16:59 -0500
To: m O uthf U cked
From: postmaster@xxxx.xxx
Subject: Delivery failure (xxxx@xxxxx)

Your message has encountered delivery problems
to the following recipient(s):

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but then again, too few to mention. the tank driver sniffed cocaine through a
plexi-glass orphange refuse box, wiping his eyes with vanilla satisfaction
ashes made from french fries. he played the botulism salesman to the
clinically elite. thank you for wondering about the crayon; it melted in the
microwave when she pushed play on the stereoid trangressions. blue puddles of
melted wax staining the merry-go-round, grape pop sickle cell phone home boys.
supreme court justices made for maalox calcium build-up plumbers.

Mr./Mrs./Ms __________, I am unable to access that information. To obtain an
answer, you will need to speak to our Preferred Charge Account Services
department. Thank you, and good night.

sunshine is made from olive oil waste products, it's composed of thirteen
different cloroflorocarbons and harmful for all living children. the eyelids
of the preying mantis are allowed to be closed for only twelve hours in the
course of it's meager existence. god was watching all my children the day
that the towers went down, he fell asleep on the hay sack of wonder bread.
because of the crashing bellbottoms in the air, she laughed nervously and
leapt from the bridge nose first into the concrete dreamcatcher. the jelly
spread like a vomit bomb, wasting the colors of matisse.

don't look now, statistical validity IS improving.
Thursday, July 25th, 2002
1:08 am
there were officers meandering around around the street, and they had their
guns pulled and aimed at the house. the decision to leave the question open
was one of two moves that might soften opposition to the proposal in the fall
campaign. people are anticipating that there's probably more shoes to drop.
it's not a suprise that nobody wants violent sex offenders in their back yard.
the two cases are separate and involve alleged violations of different laws.
"this is all so unreal to me," she said. "It scares the hell out of me." She
said 170 kidnappers were killed or captured in the past year, and the
country's new police chief has been ordered to end abductions for ransom.

I fell out of my bed and I found myself a minute later covered in dust and
stones, and the sounds of my children screaming and crying.
Saturday, July 13th, 2002
4:35 pm
Thursday, July 11th, 2002
12:21 am
broken arm

social securitize mating dances for blasphemous digits flash animation coding
for protocols of machine gun whoppers don't you deserve a break today and
tomorrow how about those mets waiting for godot to flush the evidence down the
why are you still burning i thought that you were never coming down from the
forget-me-not opiates and terrified televvvivisection consumption practices
built to destroy the wasteland pynchon says all that glitters is fucking hell
and then we watch the slow-down video of corpses being asked to prom by
vegetarians who wear the silk robes of chinese royalty and carry the weight of
the world on their faces beaming like beacons of holy self-sufficent
righteousness and pontiac used career salesmen who warm up baby bottles of
malt scotch liquor cabinets shellaced with the face cream of puberty teens los
angeles waits for innocent stars made from cotton candy sold by the filthiest
carnys in the midwesteastnorthsouth and your credit is preapproved bowling
bags for the virgins convert the sound of a child screaming for a martini into
the wail of a jet-black kamikaze siren angels with broken legs and crutches
somersaulting through plate glass security guards waving machetes like
cheerleaders at the last temptation of jimmy christ

You pour it out, and it's like a missle.
Sunday, June 30th, 2002
5:30 pm
Orwell, it's not that often.

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Saturday, June 29th, 2002
5:35 pm
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